‘We have chosen not to give in to hate and fear’

by admin on July 14th, 2018

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‘We have chosen not to give in to hate and fear’ Curtis Cheng’s widow Selina and children Zilvia and Alpha.
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NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione embraces Selina Cheng

TweetFacebook Official unveiling of Curtis Cheng CentrePictures: Simon Bennett“In the past 12 months, the memory of this place has been forever shifted.”

The words of Alpha Cheng, son of slain police accountant Curtis Cheng, hung heavy in the air this morning.

Almost one year on from theterrorist attack that shocked the nation, the NSW Police Headquarters wastoday officially renamed in honour of the beloved father and community member.

Special guestsPremier Mike Baird, Deputy Troy Grant and Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione each delivered moving addresses, but it was Curtis Cheng’s son who best paid tribute to his father’s life and legacy.

Alpha Cheng spoke of the police headquarters being a place of “normality”, where his father took pride in his work. The pair enjoyed meeting up for coffee around the corner.

His brief reflection on the horrible events of October 2, 2015, included mention of the “heavy sense of unease” he now feels at the site.

Mr Cheng said the murder was not just an attack on his family, but also on the police, law and order, and social cohesion.

“This memory is a shared pain, but what we also share is a sense of support, and the unity and strength thiscommunity has shown,” he said.

“We have chosen not to give in to hate and fear. We have chosen to bestronger than that.

“This building is a reminder that the forces that bring us together are enduringly stronger than the forces that seek to tear us apart.”

The morning concluded with the laying ofwreathes by a reflection pool and plaque.

Wreathes adorn a reflection pool in memory of police accountant Curtis Cheng. Picture: Harrison Vesey

Earlier, each of the speakers touched on the incredible significance of the day. They also paid tribute to Curtis Cheng’s many traits as an employee, a father and a member of the community.

Mr Chengwas a senior accountant with the Finance and Business Services Unit, and proud member of the NSW Police Force.Heworked with the organisation for more than 17 years.

“Dad has always emphasised the importanceof hard work, dedication, and forming good relationships with the people around you,” Alpha Chengsaid.

“To me he will always embody hard work, unassuming humility and friendliness.”

Commissioner Scipione said the policing family has paused today to remember a much-admired and respected colleague.

“Curtis was a gentle man in every sense and a friend to many, which made and continues to make the pain of his passing all the more acute,” he said.

“Curtis was a hard-working and unfailingly optimistic man, and if a positive is to be taken from the events that took place nearly a year ago, it’s to continue to defend the community that he held dear.

“The tragedy of his death reminds us that we are together responsible for the type of community we create, and that the way of life we all enjoy needs always to be built and maintained.”

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