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Throwing away old Bibles, seeing the treasure in a Bible and recognizing the cost of a Bible may tell us things about a Bible but nothing of its content.So it seems good to offer a brief overview of a very misunderstood book.

This book has changed, shaped and blessed the world with truth. It declares a day of accounting for every soul, offering wisdom to challenge foolishness, extending forgiveness to relieve guilt, delivering a brutally honest assessment of the human soul, while ensuring hope that guarantees a future, promising the possibility of establishing relationship with the God we sometimes see as too distant.

Through the lifetimes of the history of the Bible, God has sought to build an understanding of Himself, in the mind of those involved in that history and now in the modern reader of the Bible so as to establish intimacy between men, women and Himself.

If we wish to understand the content of the Bible it is important to see that its story is moving from wonderful beginnings, through breakdown to a restored climax.

The first book within the Bible, Genesis, which means “beginnings”, opens with the account of creation, removing any sense of “accidental-ism”.

A world not born out of accident, highlights God’s purposefulness in creation, makes order observable and understandable and ensures an objective meaningfulness to our existence.

What follows beginnings intended to unite all creation in relationship to God is fractured when the creature, that is men and women, think they can do better without God than with God.

The fall out of that fracturing is often referred to as sin.

Beyond Genesis, the Bible is the story of tensions caused by the fracturing of relationship between God and people and God’s deliberate and purposeful plan for all creations restoration through Jesus Christ, climaxing in a new creation described in the last book of the Bible, Revelation.

If you read the Bible carefully and not lose sight of its beginnings then when you get to its end you would observe a movement from the Garden of Eden to the Garden City of God where everything once broken is restored and healed in line with God’s original intention.

How might you satisfy the conundrum of God maintaining justice while providing mercy? Justice may follow sin but could justice be answered in such a way that we might receive mercy and grace as objects of God’s love.

Well if you read the Bible properly then you will begin to understand that the whole Bible is pointing people to Jesus Christ its central figure and the central figure regarding our future.

Rick Lewers-Bishop Armidale Anglican Diocese Words of wisdom: Through the Bible, God has sought to build an understanding of Himself.

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