Spring flower show

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Tenterfield Horticultural Society Results PURPLE POWER: Julia West coordinates nicely with the display.

1 Trumpet Daffodil Yellow. 1st Milton Frith

3 Trumpet Daffodils Yellow. 1st Milton Frith, 2nd Dianne Murphy

1 Trumpet Daffodil A.O.C. 1st Helen Butler, 2nd Helen Butler

3 Trumpet Daffodils A.O.C. 1st Milton Frith

1 Large Double Daffodil. 1st Warwick Frith, 2nd Kay Gray

3 Large Double Daffodils. 1st Warwick Frith, 2nd Kay Gray

1 Daffodil Small Cup or Crown.1st Ann Austin, 2nd Dianne Murphy

3 Daffodils Small Cup or Crown. 1st Colin Chevalley, 2nd Dianne Murphy

1 Narcissus A.O.V. 1st Dianne Murphy, 2nd Myra Walters

Collection of Daffodils. 1st Alma Reading, 2nd Warwick Frith

Champion Daffodil Unit. Milton Frith

1 Iris A.V. 2nd Alma Readinhg

1 Specimen Ranunculus. 1st Shirley Lewis, 2nd Dianne Murphy

3 Specimen Ranunculi. 1st Dianne Murphy

1 Tulip. 1st Alma Reading, 2nd Kay Gray

3 Tulips. 1st Colin Chevalley, 2nd Kay Gray

A.O.V. Bulb or Corm. 1st Warwick Frith, 2nd Dianne Murphy

Collection of Bulbs. 2nd Betty Inglis

Champion Unit Miscellaneous Bulbs. Warwick Frith

1 Single Camellia. 1st Alma Reading, 2nd Milton Frith

1 Semi-Double Camellia. 1st Alma Reading, 2nd Mary Sharpe

1 Petaloid Semi-Double Camellia. 1st Kay Hurtz, 2nd Kay Hurtz

1 Formal Double Camellia. 1st Alma Reading, 2nd Mary Sharpe

1 Formal double Camellia (Stamens). 2nd Betty Inglis

1 Informal Double Camellia. 1st Anne Hollands, 2nd Anne Hollands

Champion Camellia Unit. Alma Reading

1 Geranium Single. 1st Anne Hollands, 2nd Kay Gray

1 Geranium Double. 1st Teenie Dove

Champion Geranium Unit. Anne Hollands

1 Pansy. 1st Shirley Lewis,2nd JanFrith

3 Pansies Distinct. 1st Anne Hollands, 2nd Anne Hollands

3 Pansies.1st JanFrith

Champion Pansy Unit. Shirley Lewis

1 Calendula A.C.1st JanFrith

3 Sweet Peas. 1st Milton Frith

1 Cut Flowering Tree, Shrub. 1st Valerie Melling. 2nd Warwick Frith

1 A.O.V. Flower. 1st Valerie Melling, 2nd Ann Austin

Champion Miscellaneous Unit. Valerie Melling

Champion Unit of Cut Flower Section. Milton Frith

Reserve Champion of Cut Flower Section. Valerie Melling

Calendulas. 1st Sonia Hillery

Camellias. 1st Mary Sharpe

Mixed Flowers. 1st Valerie Melling, 2nd Rod & Carol Hurtz

Stock. 1st Hilda Corney

Violets. 1st Dianne Murphy

A.O.V. Bulb or Corm.t Colin Chevalley, 2nd Anne Hollands

Any Flower not Scheduled. 1st Dianne Murphy

Champion Container. Hilda Corney

Reserve Champion Valerie Melling

Pot Plants & Epiphytes

African Violets 1st Rod & Carol Hurtz

Azalea. 1st Anne Hollands

Fern. 1st Ann Austin, 2nd Lois McGuinness

Flowering Plant not Scheduled. 1st Alma Reading, 2nd Francis King

Foliage Plant. 1st Ann Austin

Orchid A.V. 1st Lynette Luck

Specimen Cacti. 1st Chris Hangan

Specimen Succulent. 1st Fay Savins, 2nd Fay Savins

Pot with more than one Plant.1st JanFrith, 2nd Francis King

A.O.V. Pot Plant not Scheduled. 1st Myra Walters

Champion Pot Plant. Ann Austin

Decorative Design OpenSucculents with Flair.1st JanFriar, 2nd Rhonda Tyacke, H.C. Chris Hangan

Modern Using Camellias. 1st Teenie Dove,2nd JanFrith

Showing off Blossoms.1st JanFrith, 2nd Kay Gray, H.C.Coleen Schiffman

Welcome to Spring. 1st Kay Gray,2nd JanFriar

Wind-Swept.1st JanFriar, 2nd Rhonda Tyacke

What you Like dried. 1st Kay Gray

Design with European Influence. 1st Coleen Schiffman, 2nd Valerie Melling

Abstract. 1st Kay Gray, 2nd Lesley Littleboy

My Way Dried. 1st Teenie Dove

Out on the Patio. 1st Lesley Littleboy, 2nd Chris Hangan

Champion Decorative Exhibit Open. Jan Frith

Reserve Champion Decorative Exhibit. Jan Friar

Elegance Dinner Table Arrangement.1st JanFriar, 2nd Chris Hangan

Mr & Mrs Fred Bailey Memorial Trophy. Jan Friar

Restricted Decorative SectionInspired by Colours of a Scarf. 1st Lois McGuinness, 2nd Teenie Dove, H.C.Jan Friar

Crescent Arrangement. 1st Lesley Littleboy

Presentation Basket,1st JanFriar, 2nd Kay Gray

Creativity with Natives. 1st Betty Inglis, 2nd Helen Petrie

Miniature Charm. 1st Chris Hangan,2nd JanFrith

Welcome to Spring. 1st Rhonda Tyacke, 2nd Kay Gray, H.C.Sonia Hillery

Unusual Container, 1st Rhonda Tyacke, 2nd Kay Hurtz, H.C. Kay Gray

Mobile. 1st Kay Gray, 2nd Lesley Littleboy, H.C. Lois McGuinness

Tapestry Design. 1st Chris Hangan, 2nd Lesley Littleboy

My Choice Dried.1st JanFriar, 2nd Rhonda Tyacke

Champion Restricted. Chris Hangan

Reserve Champion Restricted. Lois McGuinness

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