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by admin on June 20th, 2019

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Nonchalant on ChaletThe saga regarding the Mount Buffalo Chalet over the past three decades looks like dragging on for years to come after the Andrews’ Government indicated it is prepared to only provide a miserly $2.8 million to its redevelopment.

Nearly nine years after having over $7 million available from a fire insurance payout, the government has announced they have not been able to deliver what is needed to secure a long-term future for the Chalet.

The recently government appointed ‘public’ advisory group has indicated they will seek public and philanthropic assistance in an effort to restore the Chalet.

SHADOW OF ITS FORMER SELF: A reader says the present derelict condition of the Mount Buffalo Chalet stands as testament to the lack of maintenance.

The most revealing aspect of the current dilemma facing the Chalet is the general building maintenancewhich has not been of the highest priority for the heritage-listed building since it was removed from Victorian Railways management in 1986.

The present derelict condition of the weatherboard Chalet stands as testament to that lack of maintenance. Compliance with heritage requirements appears to have been ignored by successive governments since the original commercial lease in 1992.

A leaked eight-page executive summary from the 2013 Ernst & Young Report entitled ‘Redevelopment of the Chalet’ reveals little promise for the future of both the National Park and the Chalet. Surely it’s time the state government finally sought the views of the public, instead of continuing to appoint its own advisors and later claiming ‘public consultation’ has taken place.

What has occurred since Victorian Railways were forced to relinquish the Chalet back in 1985/86 is akin to a script from TV’s Yes Minister.

Bob Adams, BrightMuch respect for wordsI was reading The Border Mail on Saturday (October 1) and saw the letter ‘Understanding Marriage’ by Derek Robinson.

I would like to say thank you for a generous, intelligent and thoughtful letter. I have much respect for your words.

Vikki Bye, YarrawongaTime to call forces backIn light of the recentUS-led Coalition airstrike involving Australian jets,that reportedly bombed and killed 62 Syrian soldiers and wounded 100 more, it is time for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to call our forces back home from the murderous pantomime being played out in the Middle East.

I cannot see how this was an accidental bombing by the US, effectively killing Assad’s military personnel, when President BarrackObama has been, up til Russia became involved in Syria, using rebel forces and ISIS against the Assad regime.

Now, the US has drawn Australia further into another unwinnable war and reason for hate, by us being involved in an illegal action causing suffering and deat.

In my opinion, there are too many games being played in the Middle East, by Russia, the US, Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran, involving territory, Islam, oil and power.

Because our forces in the Middle East are controlled by questionable agendas, we should leave the Middle East tothe others that are more directly involved and plan our own defence of our own country, where we have more to worry about with what the Chinese are building in the South China Sea.

Ray Williams,AlburyRacists run on fearCade Newell had a great opinion about Australia and the fact that we are a multicultural and it is time we embraced it and built on it in our region.

The benefits are endless and the friendships will open minds and hearts and make us all better people.

The fear inspired rednecked racists have no place in today’s world and they need to be part of solutions, not the problem.There are too many good people from many lands that are marginalised by hate.

Stuart Davie,CorowaThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 苏州美甲美睫培训学校.

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