False connection between winds and turbines

by admin on March 20th, 2019

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AS new One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts demands “empirical evidence” for ­climate change, here it is.

Those SA wind turbines, once they were built, huffed and puffed and just blew down 20 transmission towers in a catastrophe that has devastated an “embarrassed” state.

Ironic really – the correlation is so tight that this has to be the case. You have the wind turbines and the transmission towers are blown down.

Even Prime Minister Turnbull has said energy targets were the cause (“let’s get the balance right”).

This of course means burning more coal while we can get away with it.

I guess that means the multi-billion­-dollar cost of repair facing SA won’t be ­included in the money we spend to subsidise the coal and oil industry at about $9 billion per year.

I’d say there’s an alternative view. The wind turbines didn’t blow down those transmission towers, the extreme wind and weather event did.

There is, in measured reality land, so much more energy in the earth’s weather systems. It is we who’ve created an ever-increasing blanket of heat trapping gases.

It is this extra energy that is heating the land, water and air and in turn this is the real cause of dramatic, high-cost and destructive weather events. Mr Turnbull, the renewable energy targets for the future didn’t cause this catastrophe – we are living in the present.

The transmission towers falling over had nothing to do with the generation systems, which included wind turbines.

It is extra energy, like turning up the gas under a saucepan of water – the more there is the greater the impact. It will get worse and quickly as the energy trap is in exponential growth.

The outcome is called climate change, man-made and supported by those with vested interests. What are yours?

Robert Biggs,


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