Bored on the train? Check out texts of travellers

by admin on October 20th, 2018

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Waiting for the train on Platform 2, the train-arrival announcement-chime went off, na na naaaa, which is the exact same opening notes of theMission: Impossibletheme.I couldn’t help myself: I immediately sang the next three notes of the theme “na na naaaaa”.

And then a tall guy standing next to me sang the next three notes, “na na naaaaa”. Then we both looked at each other and sang the big finale in unison, “NA NA!!!!”

The train pulled up and I did an Elvis-voice and sang “Train arrives!” and he did an Elvis-voice and sang “Sixteen coaches long!” then we both laughed.

We stepped onto the train together and pushed our way through crowds of passengers, everyone staring at their phones. Then we just stood there and I wondered what I should say to my new train-friend.

But before I could open my mouth, he pulled his phone out of his jacket pocket and started checking his text-messages –and now I had nothing to do, so I leaned in and started checking his text-messages too.

One text said “Pick up Mexi-beans”, then another said “DON’T FORGET TOILET PAPER!!!!” –it was a pretty standard texting sequence. When I got bored with that, I twisted sideways and peeked at another man’s phone: he was scrolling through Instagrams of a family barbie.

For the whole trip I just looked at different people’s devices, thinking how weird it is that everyone is so worried about protecting their online privacy –their census data, their credit card info, their banking details, their iCloud photos.

And yet they’ll happily stand in crowded public places, flashing their phones in your face so you’re forced to stare at their passwords, posts, profiles, pictures, and from what I could see over the shoulder of a woman sitting near me, their Pinterest boards for naked knitted Matthew McConaughey dolls with tiny crocheted crotches.

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