First National best for customer satisfaction

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Front of house: Residential property manager Leanne Kavanagh, admin support Peta Fairclough, and receptionist Linda McCabe. Photo: Matt LauCanstar Bluehas announced First National Real Estate the winner of its 2016 Most Satisfied Customersaward.

Thecustomer satisfaction research and ratings agency carried outcustomer research about the experience of homeowners, tenants and landlords with Australia’s largest real estate brands.

In assessing quality of service delivery nationwide, Canstar Blue focused on a series of measures incorporating agent advice and communication; problem resolution, value for money, marketing, moving services, contract handling, andoverall satisfaction.

First National Real Estate was the only real estate company to achieve five-star ratings.

Frank Haygarth,First National Donnybrook First National Real Estate principal,is delighted to be recognised as a customer satisfaction leader.

“There can be no greater measure of the success of the client-agent relationship than overall satisfaction,” Haygarth said.

“This award represents the fulfillment of our membership’s nationwide commitment to ensure we deliver Australia’s best real estate sales and property management services.”

Last year, First National Real Estate also received the Canstar Blue award for overall customer satisfaction in New Zealand, which highlightsthe excellence First National agencies provide on both sides of the Tasman.

“Each and every one of our offices is committed to customer satisfaction so it’s no coincidence our network has now won this award in both countries.

“We see this as proof positive that our culture, training, communication, service and commitment to results sets us apart from our competitors.”

Haygarth said acritical difference at First National was that itsmembership requirements related specifically to service delivery, and not generation of fees for itshead office.

“As a cooperative, our agents work together, not against each other, and the Canstar Blue award confirms consumers see the benefits,” he said.

Megan Doyle, head of Canstar Blue, congratulated First National Real Estate on the success.

“This is a great result across all customer touch points, suggesting First National is satisfying its customers regardless of their differing professional real estate requirements,” Doyle said.

“Good communications and problem resolution are crucial elements of any good real estate service and it is notable that First National was the only one to rate five stars in these areas.”

Donnybrook First National Real Estate can be reachedon 9731 1566.

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Letters to the editor

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Nonchalant on ChaletThe saga regarding the Mount Buffalo Chalet over the past three decades looks like dragging on for years to come after the Andrews’ Government indicated it is prepared to only provide a miserly $2.8 million to its redevelopment.

Nearly nine years after having over $7 million available from a fire insurance payout, the government has announced they have not been able to deliver what is needed to secure a long-term future for the Chalet.

The recently government appointed ‘public’ advisory group has indicated they will seek public and philanthropic assistance in an effort to restore the Chalet.

SHADOW OF ITS FORMER SELF: A reader says the present derelict condition of the Mount Buffalo Chalet stands as testament to the lack of maintenance.

The most revealing aspect of the current dilemma facing the Chalet is the general building maintenancewhich has not been of the highest priority for the heritage-listed building since it was removed from Victorian Railways management in 1986.

The present derelict condition of the weatherboard Chalet stands as testament to that lack of maintenance. Compliance with heritage requirements appears to have been ignored by successive governments since the original commercial lease in 1992.

A leaked eight-page executive summary from the 2013 Ernst & Young Report entitled ‘Redevelopment of the Chalet’ reveals little promise for the future of both the National Park and the Chalet. Surely it’s time the state government finally sought the views of the public, instead of continuing to appoint its own advisors and later claiming ‘public consultation’ has taken place.

What has occurred since Victorian Railways were forced to relinquish the Chalet back in 1985/86 is akin to a script from TV’s Yes Minister.

Bob Adams, BrightMuch respect for wordsI was reading The Border Mail on Saturday (October 1) and saw the letter ‘Understanding Marriage’ by Derek Robinson.

I would like to say thank you for a generous, intelligent and thoughtful letter. I have much respect for your words.

Vikki Bye, YarrawongaTime to call forces backIn light of the recentUS-led Coalition airstrike involving Australian jets,that reportedly bombed and killed 62 Syrian soldiers and wounded 100 more, it is time for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to call our forces back home from the murderous pantomime being played out in the Middle East.

I cannot see how this was an accidental bombing by the US, effectively killing Assad’s military personnel, when President BarrackObama has been, up til Russia became involved in Syria, using rebel forces and ISIS against the Assad regime.

Now, the US has drawn Australia further into another unwinnable war and reason for hate, by us being involved in an illegal action causing suffering and deat.

In my opinion, there are too many games being played in the Middle East, by Russia, the US, Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran, involving territory, Islam, oil and power.

Because our forces in the Middle East are controlled by questionable agendas, we should leave the Middle East tothe others that are more directly involved and plan our own defence of our own country, where we have more to worry about with what the Chinese are building in the South China Sea.

Ray Williams,AlburyRacists run on fearCade Newell had a great opinion about Australia and the fact that we are a multicultural and it is time we embraced it and built on it in our region.

The benefits are endless and the friendships will open minds and hearts and make us all better people.

The fear inspired rednecked racists have no place in today’s world and they need to be part of solutions, not the problem.There are too many good people from many lands that are marginalised by hate.

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Child assault wasn’t ‘one-off’ act: court

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A SINGLETON teacher who indecently assaulted a student in the 1980s has been sentenced to an 18-month suspended jail term inNewcastle District Court.

Michael Patrick Beh appeared in courton Friday for sentence after pleading guilty to one count ofindecentlyassaulting aperson under authority, which carries a maximum penalty of six years in jail.

Beh, now 62, was teaching a boy –then aged nine or 10 –when he placed his hand up the boy’s pants leg and fondled his genitalia, the court heard.Beh continued to teach at the school for more than 20 yearsbefore retiring.

“While the factual material contains some allegations that he touched the lad on more than one occasion there is but one count on the indictment and I am not entitled to take into account the other matters other than the point of view of saying that it can’t be said that this was a one-off offence,” Judge Roy Ellis said.

Judge Ellis said he was also required to sentence Beh in“accordance with the sentencing principles that existed”at the time of the offence, when thesentencingregimewas significantly more lenient.

“There is little room for personaldeterrence, bearing in mind that hedesistedvoluntarily in his offending against this lad and has not re-offended in the last 27 years,” Mr Ellis said.“Mr Beh in fact when first spoken to by the victim readily admitted his offence and apologised to his victim.

“When spoken to by the police he entered into an electronically recorded interview and made full admissions.That he readily acknowledged what he had done andapologisedfor it is not the normal course that these matters take.Generally speaking there is a denial.”

Judge Ellis sentenced Beh to an 18-month suspended sentence and ordered him toaccept ongoingpsychologicalassistance.

“This is not an easy sentencing matter,” Judge Ellis said.“Because, on the one hand,sending this man into custody would certainly be a punishment to him.

“But on the other it seemsto me to be in the long-term interests of the community to proceed in a way other than sending him into custody for a few months, that would only protect the community for the few months that he is in custody. If I place him on a suspended sentence for 18 months the community is likely to be protected for at least thatperiod and, if in fact the rehabilitation is effective, the community would be protected for the balance of his life.”

Austar Swamp Rats the team to beat

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RIX’S Creek Rattlesnakes’ Scott Matthews believes defending champions Austar Swamp Rats are the team to beat when the 2016 A-Plus Contracting Hunter Valley Mining Charity Rugby League Knockout kicks off this weekend.

FRIENDLY FOES: Layton Amidy (Wambo Wolves) and Scott Matthews (Rix’s Creek Rattlesnakes) are primed for Saturday’s A-Plus Contracting Hunter Valley Mining Charity Rugby League Knockout.

The competition, which boasts 16 teams representing numerous mines in the region, will feature many locals in the day-long 10’s tournament at Singleton’s Pirtek Park on Saturday.

And, one of them is Matthews, known to most people as the president of the Singleton Greyhounds.

“Last year was the first time the Rattlesnakes contested the knockout,” he said.

“We made it through to the semi-final before the Mount Thorley Warkworth Razorbacks ended our run.

“But, it’s such a good event and everyone enjoyed themselves, we were keen to be involved again.

“It’s hard to say how things will pan out in 2016.

“I think the new draw, where teams play two games instead of one, will even it up.

“The [Austar] Swamp Rats should be favourites; they’ve got some quality players.

“However, the Mt Arthur A side is also a classy team.”

In 2015, the charity day – hosted by the Singleton Volunteer Support Group – raised $50,000 for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service (WRHS).

Organisers are hoping to hit the $60,000 mark this year.

The WRHS undertakes more than 1000 missions, including transporting people from accident scenes, transferring critically-ill patients between hospitals and undertaking search and rescue operations.

The Singleton Volunteer Support Group has worked hard for the past 19 years to help raise awareness and funds to make sure the vital community service stays in the air.

“It’s definitely a worthwhile charity, the WRHS – and the reason why everyone’s got on board,” Matthews said.

“Hopefully, we never need to use it.

“And, while the sides are competitive on the field, the players realise it is only a charity match.”

More than 70 businesses have backed individual teams to help with their fundraising targets with Coal Services Mines Rescue (First Aid), Group 21 Rugby League Referees Association and Singleton’s Rotary and Lions clubs providing in-kind support and assistance on the day.

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Port Lincoln sees the light

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Lower EP residents are relieved the power is now (largely) back on across the region. Picture: Kaitlyn Fasso-Opie

PORT Lincoln and Lower Eyre Peninsula’spower supplies began to come back on about 8.30pm tonight…to sighs of relief all around.

Tea, toast, an electric blanketand a night in front of theTV were priorities for many people, glad the ‘Dark Ages’ seemed to have come to an end, after having had no power since Wednesday evening.

Port Lincoln residents took to the Port Lincoln TimesFacebook page to let us know, with reports power is now back onalong New West Road, at Kirton Point, Lincoln South, the marina, Ravendale, and at Cummins, Tulka, Rustlers Gully, Tumby Bay, Boston,to name a few.

It is understood there is still no power at Ungarra, Little Swamp, Yeelanna, or at Port Neill.

An Ungarra resident reported having spent almost 46 hours in the dark, while it was “going on 56 consecutive hours at Port Neill” with one resident lamenting that postcode “5604 doesn’t exist”.

Another replied that “OMG,you’re still not on, that’s bullsh*t ours went off again briefly then came back on…Lincoln…is still’s like living in the 1800’s”.

Others were not afraid to share a dry or quirky sense of humour, with a Port Lincoln resident waiting for the power to come back on stating that “candles are lit,just like my mixed tape”.

Let’s hope the power comes back on for everyone, and we can return to living in the 21stCentury.

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