Society for famous writer to come and visit Koroit

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WELL KNOWN: Famous Australian author Henry Handel Richardson spent part of her childhood living in Koroit. The Henry Handel Richardson Society will visit the town in October. OCTOBER is shaping as a busy month for the Koroitand District HistoricalSociety.

The society’s annual general meeting will be held on Monday, October 10.

The venue for the meeting will be 3 O’Briens Lane, Koroit, with all members encouraged to attend.

On Sunday October 30, a Koroit Open Garden Day will be held.

This will be a combined fundraiser for the historical society and the Friends of the Port Fairy to Warrnambool Rail Trail.

Tickets for the day will be $20 and can be purchased at the Port Fairy Visitor Information Centre or on the day at the Koroit Railway Station.

Light refreshments will be available at the station.

The open garden day will begin at 10.30am and go through to 4pm.

On the weekend of October 29-30, the society will get a visit of a literary kind.

The Henry Handel Richardson Society will visit Koroit.The visiting society will be led on a guided walk around town by members of the historical society.

The walk will visit sites relating to Henry Handel Richardson and her time living in Koroit.

Henry Handel Richardson came to live in Koroit when she was eight-years-old.

Her reason for coming to live in Koroit was because her mother, Mary, was the post mistress. Her father Walter died in Koroit in 1879 and is buried at the Tower Hill Cemetery.

In one of her books, The Fortunes of Richard Mahony, Richardson featured Koroitbut renamed it Gymgurra.

The Henry Handel Richardson Society was founded in 2008 and has membership of over 170.

As well as having members all over Australia, the society also has an international flavour with members inEngland, Germany and USA.

Henry Handel Richardson was born Ethel Richardson in East Melbourne in 1870.

She went on to become one of the country’s most prominent authors, penning manyclassic novels.

These includedThe Getting of Wisdom, Australia Felix, The Way Home and Maurice Guest.

She died of cancer in England in 1946 with her ashes scattered at sea.

The Canberra suburb of Richardson was named in her honour in 1975.

In the same year, Richardson’sportrait appeared on an Australia Post postage stamp.

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Big matches a battle of codes and classes

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AND then there were four.

This weekend is the biggest one of the year when it comes to sporting events with the playing of the grand finals of the AFL and NRL competitions.

And for the sake of the exercise let’s pretend both games are being played today (despite the fact the NRL GF is on tomorrow) but at different times.

The similarities between the two deciders are remarkable.

In the AFL you have the toffs versus the working classes, the preening arrogant Swans versus the blue collar bangers from Footscray, and in the NRL you have the smug Storm playing the battling Sharks.

Both the Bulldogs and the Sharks nearly went broke a couple of years ago while the Storm and the Swans were helped out by their competition administrations with loads of moolah and advantages.

The Swans and the Storm probably flew into Melbourne and Sydneyin private jets, dined at five-star hotels, had a swim in their accommodation’s private pool this morning and then had masseurs – who look like models – put them in the right frame of mind.

The Bulldogs and the Sharks probably had bangers and mash at their local, with their beers served by female bar staff for who the age of 40 is just a memory.

They would have started work at 6am this morning, finished at 11, rushed home, grabbed their kit, asked the missus for a quick rub-down, kissed each of their 11 kids and hurried off to their home grounds to meet their teammates.

Then it would have been a case of ordering four, eight-seater taxis, chipping in $20 each for the fare, getting dressed into their footy gear along the way and arriving at the ground 10 minutes before the kick-off.

Down in South Albury we’ll gather at Brady’s Hotel, have a counter lunch and a few frothies, before sitting down, having a few more frothies and yelling our guts out for the working class teams.

Then it will be a case of another counter meal, like the Sharks’ and Bulldogs’ supporters – and probably the players– having a few more frothies and losing a couple of coins in the pokies.

The girls will, of course, be on large glasses of moselle.

Over at Snobs’ Knob in West Albury there will be private functions, where coat and tie is compulsory, the finest champagne will be served and a range of expensive horse’s doovers, the names of which I can never pronounce, will be consumed.

All of this while watching the games on television screens the size of an average South Albury residence.

Although they probably won’t watch the rugby league – it will be considered below them.

Caterers will then serve dinner, again with the finest wines, spirits and a range of imported beers.

So far as the footy goes, like the league’sState of Origin, it will be state versus state, mate versus mate, with the odd working class player having had a stretch with one of the toff clubs before being shown the door.

It’s been a long time between drinks for both teams of battlers, with the Bulldogs last winning the flag in 1954 and having only played in one GF since.

The Sharks came into the competition in 1967 and haven’t won anything.

But you have to feel a little bit sorry for the Collingwood supporters, who will gather at some upmarket hotel in the city.

They won’t know who to support because they’ve never worked out if they are working class toffs or toffy workingclass types.

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Bored on the train? Check out texts of travellers

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Waiting for the train on Platform 2, the train-arrival announcement-chime went off, na na naaaa, which is the exact same opening notes of theMission: Impossibletheme.I couldn’t help myself: I immediately sang the next three notes of the theme “na na naaaaa”.

And then a tall guy standing next to me sang the next three notes, “na na naaaaa”. Then we both looked at each other and sang the big finale in unison, “NA NA!!!!”

The train pulled up and I did an Elvis-voice and sang “Train arrives!” and he did an Elvis-voice and sang “Sixteen coaches long!” then we both laughed.

We stepped onto the train together and pushed our way through crowds of passengers, everyone staring at their phones. Then we just stood there and I wondered what I should say to my new train-friend.

But before I could open my mouth, he pulled his phone out of his jacket pocket and started checking his text-messages –and now I had nothing to do, so I leaned in and started checking his text-messages too.

One text said “Pick up Mexi-beans”, then another said “DON’T FORGET TOILET PAPER!!!!” –it was a pretty standard texting sequence. When I got bored with that, I twisted sideways and peeked at another man’s phone: he was scrolling through Instagrams of a family barbie.

For the whole trip I just looked at different people’s devices, thinking how weird it is that everyone is so worried about protecting their online privacy –their census data, their credit card info, their banking details, their iCloud photos.

And yet they’ll happily stand in crowded public places, flashing their phones in your face so you’re forced to stare at their passwords, posts, profiles, pictures, and from what I could see over the shoulder of a woman sitting near me, their Pinterest boards for naked knitted Matthew McConaughey dolls with tiny crocheted crotches.

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Violent Wollongong thief had $1500 a day ice habit

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An Illawarra man who terrorised two home owners in separate home invasion-style attacks carried out the crimes in a bid to support his insatiable drug habit, a court has heard.

JeromeLawrence told Wollongong District Court on Thursday that at the height of his addiction he was spending up to $1500 a day on ice –and turned to crime to fund it.

The court heard he forced his way inside a Wollongong apartment inJanuary2014 armed with a piece of wood and yelled at the male occupant “where’s the stuff”, apparently referringto drugs.

The man responded he didn’t have anything and fled along with his girlfriend over the balcony. He later identified Lawrence as the culprit.

Fourteen months later Lawrence took partin aviolent, pre-dawn assault ona Farmborough Heights home owner, who was attacked as he walked through the front door of hishome.

Lawrence’s accomplice hit the man in the headwith a crowbar, while Lawrence attacked him with an “unknownobject”.

The victim was then bundled into a hire car and driven towards Unanderra by Lawrence’sco-accused.Lawrence followed behind in the victim’s car.

The man managed to escape the vehicle and get to a nearby house to call for help. He was taken to hospital for treatment to a broken hand, concussion and numerous cuts and bruises.

Police found Lawrence, his co-accused and the stolen ute at an address in Yellow Rock later that morning.

Lawrence pleaded guilty to three charges stemming from the two incidents, including aggravated break and enter.

In court on Thursday, he said he had “woken up to himself” since his incarceration and realised had had “no use for ice anymore”.

Judge Andrew Haesler sentenced Lawrenceto three-and-half-years jail, with anon-parole period of two years.

With time served, Lawrence will be released to parole on December 23 this year.

File photo

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Aussie Whites break record

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The $28,000 top stud ram buyers’ Robert Gilmore & Robert Endacott, with Tattykeel’s Graham Gilmore.

Tattykeel Australian White stud, Oberon, tookout the breed’s top price record, after reaching $28,000, at their third annual on-property sale.

Second highest price ram buyers’ Bruce & Jennie Hodgson & Danny Teskara, Victoria, and Tattykeel’s, Martin Gilmore.

Buyersfrom across the country helpedto push the competitive sale tothe record price anda $3625 sale average.

One-hundred and thirty-eight lots went under the hammer, including 22 stud rams, which recorded a total draft clearance, for a $28,000 topprice and a $9386 average.

Ben and Neville Rowney, Garmandale Australian Whites, Lascelles, Victoria, with Tattykeel team member, Ross Gilmore.

Tattykeel Ringmaster, sired by 140343,was sold to repeat buyers’ Robert and Toni Gilmore, Ardess Australian White stud, Oberon, and Robert and Leanne Endacott, Red Hill Australian White stud, Wongarbon.

The studpartnership also selected a stud ewe for $2000.

Robert Gilmore,Ardess Australian White stud, Oberon, said the trusted partnership between thestuds has blossomed into holding a joint annual on-property sale and purchasing the ram, allowed both operations access to quality genetics.

“We wanttobring the ramssize,depth and moderate frame with a heavy carcaseto our breeding program,” he said.

The second highest price was $20,000 for a stud ram and was sold to Bruce and Jennie Hodgson, Ardene Australian White stud, Darlington, Victoria, and Danny Teskara, Roslynmead West Sheep studs, Echuca, VIC.

Tattykeel Australian White stud, co-principal, Graham Gilmore said the continuous increase on sale top prices and averages, indicates that forward progression is occurring.

“Today a producer saidto me the bottom-end just keep getting better and better – that’s what it’s about,” he said.

“The amount of return buyers showthere is consistencyand confidence within the breed –it’s proof things are working.”

The $17,000 third top price was also fetched by a stud ram and was sold to Neville and Ben Rowney, Garmandale Australian Whites, Lascelles, VIC.

Volume buyer was Tony Rutter, Cottage Creek Australian Whites, Tarcutta, who brought10 lots, topping $15,000 for a stud ram, for a$4975.

The stud ewes cleared 38 lots out of the 50 offered, topping $4500, for a $2701 average.

The sale was conducted by Landmark, Bathurst, with auctioneers’ Mark Barton, Wagga, and Andrew Wishhart, Cootamundra.

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